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If you feel your retirement is too important to be doing it by yourself and want to delegate the heavy lifting to an expert, we offer a no-obligation, no-cost second opinion.

If you feel your retirement is too important to be doing it by yourself and want to delegate the heavy lifting to an expert, we offer a no-obligation, no-cost second opinion.

Who We Are

Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Your money isn’t the most important thing in your life, but without it, you wouldn’t be able to secure, protect, or provide for the most important things in your life. That’s why you need financial planning that puts you first.

Sonmore Financial is a fee-only, financial planning firm that acts as a true fiduciary for its clients. Our goal is to help our clients create an efficient financial plan that provides them the opportunity to retire early. Many of our clients never “retire” in the traditional sense of the word, they simply graduate to spending time with their grandkids, building a strong family legacy, or consulting other professionals in their field.

Matthew Benson, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, specializes in tax-efficient investing, helping Sonmore’s clients maximize their retirement, college savings or donating to a worthy cause.

Retirement Planning for Pre-Retirees & Retirees

There are a lot of moving parts as you approach retirement. The good news is there are small but actionable steps you can take to better control your retirement experience and maximize your retirement income, whether you’re fast approaching the golden years or have 30 years to go.

At Sonmore Financial, we specialize in advising retirees and pre-retirees who are 50+ and retired or planning to retire within the next 7-10 years. Our retiree clients prioritize their financial independence, are ready to work less and enjoy life, and want a cohesive financial plan from a full-service wealth management firm that helps them delegate all of their retirement planning and investment management needs.

Retirement Planning

- Time Horizon
- Cash Flow
- Distributions
- Asset Allocation
- Medicare Planning
- Social Security


- Investment Strategies
- Retirement Assets
- IRA Conversions
- Wealth Impact


- Determine Goals
- Maximize Giving
- Tax Strategies
- Foundations
- Donor Advised Funds


- Asset Allocation
- Diversification
- Tax Loss Harvesting
- Tax Efficiency
- Rebalancing

Your Life: Maximized

Chandler Financial Planning Services

Sonmore Financial understands that no matter your stage in life or your role at work or in your family, you have specific individual needs, priorities, and goals. That means that you deserve a financial advisor who respects and supports your individuality, who can tailor a financial plan to your precise requirements.

Our fiduciary duty requires us to learn as much as we can about you so that every piece of advice we give is aimed at delivering the outcomes that benefit you most. This means that at Sonmore Financial, you can expect meticulous attention to your financial needs by a personal financial advisor, driven by a single-minded focus on what matters most to you.

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