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Secure Your
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Secure Your Financial Future

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When it comes to securing your financial future, there’s no foolproof product or plan.

We understand the uncertainty associated with investments and the markets. Investing is necessary for income security and sustainability in the future, but higher expected returns mean nothing without a solid plan to anchor them.

At Sonmore Financial, we empower technology and aerospace professionals, families and couples; and retirees to achieve success with our advanced financial planning process and commitment to customized service and attention.

Partner with our team to establish a solid, balanced financial plan, supplemented with strategic, ongoing rebalancing, that is unique to your needs and goals. Our personal attention and singular focus help our clients realize exceptional results — and we’re ready to take your financial plan to the next level.

Planning That Meets Your Needs


Clients who are approaching or in retirement count on Sonmore Financial for guidance, not only in making wise strategic choices for their retirement funds, but also for building a plan for secure retirement income that takes into consideration Social Security and other pension income, smart Medicare options, and tax-efficient withdrawal strategies to provide secure income streams for the client’s “encore act.”

College Planning

From tax-favored 529 education savings plans to custodial accounts and gifting strategies, we offer expert counsel for parents and grandparents who want to ensure the best possible education for the next generation. Our advisors can lead you through a menu of options to find the strategy that works best for you.

Financial Risk Management and Insurance

We assist clients with assessing their need for various types of insurance and other strategies to mitigate financial risks posed by unexpected events including death of the client or a key stakeholder, long-term health issues, and disability due to accidental injury or disease.

Executive Compensation

Thriving executives look to Sonmore Financial to help clients enjoy the maximum benefit from plans involving incentive compensation options (ISOs), restricted stock units (RSUs), employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs), and other employee compensation packages, including tax-efficient strategies for disposition and strategic diversification plans upon vesting and distribution.

Business Strategy and Succession Planning

We assist clients with fairly valuing and selling businesses as well as developing business succession plans to ensure a passing of the leadership baton that is smooth and conflict-free. We can help founders identify qualified successor candidates as well as build a plan and accompanying documentation that efficiently prepare for the transition to new leadership. We also advise family businesses as they look toward onboarding the next generation of leaders.

Cash Flow Strategies

Whether for your business, your family foundation, or your household, Sonmore Financial can work with you to develop a cash flow planning strategy that is integrated with your needs, goals, and strategies. We can help you establish or augment an emergency fund, analyze receivables and payables, and ensure that your cash management practices are aligned with your real-world needs.

Our Fiduciary Duty

Sonmore Financial is a fiduciary financial advisor and wealth manager. That means that we are professionally and ethically bound to provide products, recommendations, and guidance that place the client’s interests ahead of our own. We are also obligated to avoid conflicts of interest to the extent possible and to inform you in writing, in advance of taking any action on your behalf, of any such conflicts that do exist. When you work with Sonmore Financial, you can be assured that your needs come first—always.

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What You Can Expect

Whether you are building assets for the future or seeking to protect, enjoy and pass on those you already have, Sonmore Financial provides the sound, professional counsel to help you get there, with confidence. Learn more about what you can expect in the first 90 days with our team.

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