Matthew Benson Named an InvestmentNews 40 Under 40

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Sonmore Financial is delighted to announce that Matthew Benson, CFP®, has been recognized on the InvestmentNews 40 under 40 list. As one of the prestigious winners, Benson was chosen from several hundred nominations for his leadership, contributions, and impact on the financial services industry. Honorees will receive their award at the ninth 40 Under 40 Summit and Awards celebration in June in New York City.

Congratulations on your win. How does it feel to be named as a 40 under 40?

Benson: It’s such an honor to be acknowledged and be part of a group of amazing leaders. Such an inspirational group; they make me feel lucky to be doing work I love. 

Nominees were chosen who exemplified outstanding leadership, passion, and advocacy qualities in the industry. Can you explain the advocacy work you have been involved in which is recognized by this award?

Benson: I was working with the Arizona Chapter of the Financial Planning Association to present some industry priorities to state lawmakers. As an organization, we started putting together annual workshops inviting some legislators or people involved in policy to help us understand where and when we should talk to people.

Did this approach prove to be successful?

Benson: Yes, a year later, we brought forth legislation to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.

The new law gives financial planners the ability and discretion to report evidence of financial fraud. Why is this so important?

Benson: We’re the people who see stuff like that, but a lot of times, advisors don’t feel comfortable doing something about it because often it’s family members and caregivers who are doing the exploiting.

As a sole practitioner, you are busy with the day-to-day business of your firm. What motivates you to get involved in advocacy work?

Benson: It’s enjoyable. It pays nothing, but it’s very enriching to see the light bulbs go off. The legislative stuff takes a while, but just in the past year or two, we have seen it turn a corner.

Matthew Benson, CFP®

Owner / Certified Financial Planner™

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