About Us

Financial complexities – simplified.  Emotional sound – financial confidence.


To solve complex financial problems with innovative solutions. 

To enable our clients to be free. 

Money is a very emotional thing. If you are wise and efficient with it, you can really accomplish a lot of things.

We pride ourselves on being a stoic leader for our clients. One who can speak logic into emotions when times are better than normal and speak logic into emotions when times are worse than normal. We think we have a unique ability to blend the complexities of financial planning and the emotional strength needed for sound money management. Additionally, we really enjoy what our clients trust us to do. So we think we’re pretty enjoyable to be around, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.


Made Personal

At Sonmore Financial, we operate with these key core values in mind:

"Finance is one of those things where if you know a little you know a lot more than the average person. We pride ourselves in helping our clients understand their plan in plain English. We have followed and upheld Dave Ramsey principles since 2009 and are proud to be a SmartVestor Pro in Arizona." —Matthew Benson

The Sonmore Story

The nephew of two financial advisors, Sonmore Financial founder Matthew Benson learned early on that wise financial choices have the power to lead to lifelong independence. Since our inception in 2015, the Sonmore team has worked tirelessly to stand in our clients’ corner, advocate for their best interests, and help them think through their financial choices, with the ultimate goal of helping them achieve financial freedom.
Our team members serve as stoic leaders for our clients, seamlessly weaving the emotional and the analytical complexities of money management together to create thoughtful and strong financial plans and investment strategies that help our clients reach their goals. Just as we can speak logic into emotions during the best of times, we can also speak logic into emotions during more challenging times.

Get to Know Our Team

Owner Matthew Benson comes from Vanguard, where he spent time learning the ins and outs of the investment world, including investment philosophy. After realizing that there was far more to financial planning than simply investing, he founded Sonmore Financial to address the areas of demand he felt were underserved by other firms. 
Joe Boison, Operations and Administrative Manager, leads up our service team and is integral to client onboarding and providing proactive service. Joe has several years of experience in logistics and operations, which allows him to make sure all of the moving parts fit together for smooth client interactions.
Jesus Zepeda Castro is our Client Services Associate. Jesus is studying for his CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and EA (Enrolled Agent). His complimentary role in client meetings, client prep and follow-up help to ensure that planning opportunities are communicated effectively and implemented efficiently.
Enough about us

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